Meet The Chef

Mandy is a trained chef with a strong passion for food. She has been cooking for the last 12 years, and is well seasoned in the kitchen.

   Food Safety certified

   TABC certified




Dinner parties








                 Meal Prep

        meal Prep                   delivery  

The produce purchased for the meals come from the local Farmers Market and Organic produce from The grocery store

vegetarian, vegan, paleo, Keto, gluten free, options available 

ALl of the seasonings used in my recipes come from Tex Joy in Beaumont Texas

Premium Olive Oil from Dallas Texas is used in all meals

The beef I use is supplied by Rough Creek Cattle Company

grass fed pasture Raised


Meals are guaranteed to be prepared in a clean and sanitized Prep kitchen

 Meals are labeled with a list of ingredients, cooked on date, and eat by date

Instructions for reheating each meal is included

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Chef Mandy Earle

Tel: 512-318-5446 

Email: personalchefmandyearle@gmail.com


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